Supreme the Truth (Samuel Tafari) & Seiza - Code of Silence [Beats by Edd Bundy] (2014)

Majin - War Godz (ft. Eff Yoo) [Beat by Mindtwist] (Single) (2014)

Tunnel Movement - 3 Albums for $10.00 (2014)

Tunnel Movement - Overlooked (2014)

Da-Niggaz (ft. Klex) - Noche de Hardcore [Beat by Ill Suk & Mlrec] (2014)

Supreme & Seiza - Street Shit [Beat by Edd Bundy] (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2014)

Coast - March First (2013)

Sikadelik - Make Up Your Mind (ft. Dope Sykk) [Beat by Chrisu Beats] (Single) (2014)

Nutso - 4 Da Streetz (ft. AG da Coroner, Camiliano & Shaze) [Beat by DJ Rhum'1] (Remix) (2014)


Hindu Rock vs Rusty Chains (Body Bag Battles) (2014)

Old Child Clan - Connecticum Vol. 3 (2014)

Шаен a.k.a. Cheyenne - Da Eremite of Babylon (2014)

LB Productions - Beast On The Mic EP (2014)

Yoyo1 & LB Productions - Antioch EP (2011)

Al-Capo - Commanders & Conquerers (2014)

DSOTM - Let me Take You to the DSOTM (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (214)


Underground HH (Hip Hop Blog)

UndergroundHH aims to keep you updated with the happenings of the UK Hip-Hop scene, focusing primarily on the underground and independent artists and labels they feel are sticking to the true roots of the culture. They are constantly updating the website during their free time to bring you the latest news, videos, rap battles, reviews, interviews as well as featuring a large database on some of the most prolific artists, listing all their albums, mini album reviews and the lyrics to their tracks.

The website was launched mid 2012 and has already received over 100,000 page views down to the combined efforts of a very small team and the support from artists and record labels up and down the country.

Dotz - MAK Studio Sessions (2014)

2032 - Dead Zone (ft. Silly Grinn & Rated R) - Cuts by DJ Trickalome (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (2014)

Voodoo Docterz - Voodoo Takeover (2014)